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Community Causes

Cancer Won’t Beat Crystal #CrystalStrong
June 28, 2018

Our agency has dedicated itself to doing whatever we can to help members of our community Live Well & Thrive. So when heard about Crystal’s incredible life story, we decided to dedicate our Community Cause Campaign to support her. Crystal, a 44-year-old resilient survivor of brain cancer is a mother of 3 children and a […]

In Honor of Baby Warner
April 4, 2018

Our Agency is raising support for our local Children’s Hospital in honor of a dear local family who sadly very recently lost their little one.  Baby Warner James was born 10 weeks early and has enlightened the life of his parents and loved ones around him. This is a resilient family who understands that there is meaning, […]

Turner Syndrome Won’t stop Mia
December 20, 2017

Mia is a warmhearted and gracious 4-year-old girl who loves fairytale stories and all things pink. She has Turner Syndrome and has waiting in line for a liver transplant for over 230 days.   Mia has had an operation on her heart as an infant, and is now TPN dependent which means her mom can’t work […]

Supporting Patients on the Road to Recovery
November 10, 2017

Our agency is hosting a campaign in support of Wellstar Nursing and Rehab Facility and their remarkable efforts in providing assistance and care to 182 low-income recovering nursing patients. They are in urgent need of essential items, such as: shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion, deodorant, scarves and gloves.   Wellstar Paulding Nursing Center     […]

Breast Cancer – Health and Prevention Through Early Detection
August 29, 2017

Thanks to all of our dear friends and customers for recommending our agency. With YOUR help we were able to raise support for National Breast Cancer Awareness. Our agency has joined the ongoing efforts of national breast cancer awareness with a dedicated campaign aimed at raising awareness and support for breast cancer patients and survivors. […]

Autism Awareness Campaign and 5K Run to Raise Event!
June 19, 2017

 Thank you to all that have helped us make a difference by raising awareness and support for families living with Autism! With your help, we were able to raise $5,000!!   Our agency is raising awareness and support for families living with Autism. We strive to promote the well being of those living with this disorder […]

Improving Quality of Life for Cancer Patients and Survivors

Around 1.6 million new cases of cancer are diagnosed every year in the United States according to the Cancer Institute and battling this terrible illness is a challenge because it involves a number of frightful procedures and remedies. On top of everything, these patients also deal with pain, anguish, distress, depression and many other terrible […]

Providing Work Opportunities for People with Disabilities

Nobis Works has served the community since 1977 by helping more than 25,000 individuals find dignity and workplace success. The mission of Nobis Works is “to develop and provide job training, employment and vocational support for youth and adults with disabilities and other barriers to employment.”   Nobis Works, Inc.     GOAL $500   […]

Riding For A Cure Against Cancer

In 2008, three friends, Darren Scarborough, Steve Higginbotham, and Mike Webb came together for the cause of cancer. Their long time friend, TJ Johnson discovered he was one of many to join ‘a family’. This family is not necessarily one sought after. This family is made up of hundreds of cancer patients in Elbert County. Those three […]

Helping Heroes In Our Community Become Self Sufficient

A huge thank you to everyone who joined us during this fantastic cause helping our community’s veterans! As #AgentsOfChange in the community we do our best to serve our community every day in any way that we can, but what we do can never compare to the immense service that our veterans provide to us […]