Coffey Agencies Inaugurates Camapign to Promote Breast Cancer Prevention and Early Detection Efforts

Coffey Agencies Inaugurates Campaign to Promote Breast Cancer Prevention and Early Detection Efforts

Coffey Agencies, an insurance services and financial consultation firm that works with families and businesses in Georgia and Alabama, is spearheading a regional charity event to help raise community awareness and produce educational outreach programs to promote early breast cancer detection

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Coffey Agencies, a full service insurance and financial preparation provider with offices serving communities in northern Alabama and Georgia, is embarking on an extended charity drive to encourage local residents to engage in positive breast cancer prevention by utilizing modern early detection methods.

US Breast Cancer statistics show that over a quarter million new cases of invasive or aggressive breast cancer will be diagnosed in the coming year. This charity event aims to arm Georgia and Alabama residents with cutting edge information on proper breast cancer prevention and early detection techniques, such as regular mammograms and thorough self-examinations.

“We here at Coffey Agencies believe our agency shouldn’t stand on the sidelines. For this reason, we are vested in generating contributions for breast cancer treatments and research,” announced Cody Coffey, president and principal agent of Coffey Agencies.

Part of the effort to publicize this fundraising event will involve a series of awareness campaigns over email and social media directed toward local residents, health care providers, and policy makers. Future publicity for the event will include a feature article detailing several key breast cancer realities, set for release in an upcoming edition of the Coffey Agencies online magazine “Our Hometown”:

In early 2015, Coffey Agencies became a regional affiliate of a nationwide charity assistance coalition known as “Agents of Change.” To date, the firm has worked with well over half a dozen charity groups, and the Coffey Agencies team is committed to continuing this trend by selecting and supporting new local charities on a bimonthly basis.

Coffey Agencies has provided a link to the following page that provides more information to all readers who would like to be part of the Georgia and Alabama charity drive to raise awareness of breast cancer: Information on other charity events hosted by Coffey and his professional team over the last two years can be found in the firm’s list of previous Community Causes:

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