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Helping Heroes In Our Community Become Self Sufficient

A huge thank you to everyone who joined us during this fantastic cause helping our community’s veterans!

As #AgentsOfChange in the community we do our best to serve our community every day in any way that we can, but what we do can never compare to the immense service that our veterans provide to us day in and day out. We can never thank our veterans enough for what they have done but during our next community cause we want to show just how grateful we really are. As part of our next community cause campaign, our agency will be helping Still Serving Veterans, a fantastic non-profit hat helps out Veterans in the state of Alabama.

Still Serving Veterans prides itself in helping Vets become self-sufficient in the community after their service is completed. Still Serving Veterans is passionate about helping vets and their families by making sure they receive all the benefits and services they have earned, connecting them to other vital Veteran support resources, and helping expand career opportunities. Since 2006, SSV has served over 22,000 Veterans and secured over $276 million in cumulative new benefits, services, and salaries for Veterans in our community.


Still Serving Veterans





Join us on our next cause as we aid Still Serving in their mission of aiding local Vets and together we can say “Thank You” to the men and women who have given everything to ensure our freedom every day.

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