Improving Quality of Life for Cancer Patients and Survivors

Around 1.6 million new cases of cancer are diagnosed every year in the United States according to the Cancer Institute and battling this terrible illness is a challenge because it involves a number of frightful procedures and remedies. On top of everything, these patients also deal with pain, anguish, distress, depression and many other terrible symptoms associated with the prophylaxis of this disease.


Feel Beautiful Today, Inc






Feel Beautiful today hopes to help by providing programs that will boost the quality of life for these courageous human beings. They provides a number of Arts and Heath programs targeted to individuals that have been diagnosed with cancer or are survivors themselves. Studies have shown that having alternative complimentary treatments helps in the recovery process.

This amazing organization hopes to give people the necessary tools and willpower to tackle this terrible challenge life has thrown at them. Feel Beautiful Today works with hospitals and cancer centers to provide a supplemental and holistic treatments for patients. Our agency wants to help the ongoing efforts of this amazing organization by raising awareness and funds for the arts and health programs offered by Feel Beautiful Today!

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