Providing Work Opportunities for People with Disabilities

Nobis Works has served the community since 1977 by helping more than 25,000 individuals find dignity and workplace success. The mission of Nobis Works is “to develop and provide job training, employment and vocational support for youth and adults with disabilities and other barriers to employment.”


Nobis Works, Inc.





This community rehabilitation program operates throughout Metro Atlanta and in 17 states, serving individuals with all types of disabilities.  There are several departments withinNobis Works that provide job training, employment,  and ongoing vocational support: the Tommy Nobis Center, NobisEnterprises, and Business Solutions.

We support Nobis Works because they create opportunities for individuals with disabilities, and support our local economy. We are thankful to this wonderful organization, and in the spirit of their upcoming 40th anniversary, we are raising funds so that they may continue to positively impact the community.

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