Community Cause


Providing a Helping Hand to Local Families

Our agency has locations in both Alabama and Georgia, and we’ve seen the effects of poverty on a growing number of families in our area. There are over 800,000 individuals in Alabama struggling with hunger and homelessness, and twice that number in Georgia.

Coffey Agencies is launching an extended campaign to provide support and relief to families in our area that need a helping hand.

Working to Improve Our Community

As new Regional Ambassadors for the #AgentsofChange network in Georgia and Alabama, the Coffey Agencies team is committed to providing meaningful assistance to the families that need it most. During this campaign we will be working to ensure food bank and emergency shelter options are available for families that are hungry or homeless, assisting in school supply drives for local students, and helping to find employment for displaced veterans in our area.

With so many people that require assistance, we know we can’t do this alone. We need the help of concerned community members like you.

The Best Way to Help

The best way for you to be a part of this campaign is to provide us with the opportunity to share our message with families in your area. When you refer a family member or friend into their nearest Coffey Agencies office, our team will provide them with both a free insurance consultation and more information on this campaign. For each person you send our way, we will thank you by making a contribution IN YOUR NAME to an agency or program that works on behalf of families in your area.

Join a Larger Effort

This is your chance to be part of a larger effort dedicated to improving outcomes for families in Georgia and Alabama. Please join us, and let’s help as many as we can.


Cody Coffey

Coffey Agencies

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