Thrasher Coffee

Thrasher Coffee started like many other good ideas: as a hobby. A couple of guys at work were tired of office coffee. Personal experience showed freshly roasted coffee tasted far superior to anything found in the local supermarkets and coffee shops. So we began experimenting with roasters, a variety of green beans, burr grinders, and French presses. We refined our choice of beans and our roasting techniques, and in 2014, established the Thrasher Coffee Company to share our small batch craft coffee with the world. You see, here at Thrasher, we don’t roast ‘til you order. We don’t have warehouses full of pre-roasted, pre-packaged beans shriveling up waiting on an order. When we receive your order, we start roasting your beans, hand stamp them with the date – and ship them immediately to ensure you’ll always have a freshly roasted cup at hand.

147 Ponderosa Trail

DAllas, GA 30132

Phone: (770) 769-6740